Can You Get an Ivermectin Prescription Online?

It’s sad, in my opinion. How many places that used to offer 24-hour online and offline store shopping have cut back their hours and placed limits on when people can do in-store with them. Their reasoning for why these companies have reverted to more traditional hours (almost going back in time) isn’t necessarily difficult to comprehend, but understanding why 24 hours may be very important. A sign of truly being there for all your customers seemed to be the best answer, but most places, I suppose, realize they don’t need to give their best / its ok not to be willing to give your best, and you’ll still make out ok attitude. This pharmacy, however, is 24 hours still when most close at 9 or 10 now. I know of only one within a 10-mile radius of me that stays open till midnight (that location was 24 hours at one time but switched). This location isn’t far from me – I don’t know how I overlooked this.  Anyways, I bought Ivermectin here at an affordable price, the store to be clean, well-stocked, and the marketing to be accurate and easy to understand. The staff was friendly and on hand for any assistance – all in all, wonderful experience. Thanks.

Life Well Pharmacy
Address: 2408 Susannah St Suite 3, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Phone: (423) 202-7870

My son ordered his Ivermectin at this Life Well Pharmacy. They had a wonderful experience, easy to schedule, friendly, and very efficient. I could not say enough good things about this pharmacy and its vaccine program. The best. The very best.

This place has horrible customer service. They see you walk up, let you stand there for 5 minutes, and then try and talk to you about your prescription all the way behind the second counter. They get irritated if you ask them to repeat (even though they don’t even try to talk in a way for you to understand them). They could care less if you understand your Ivermectin or need any help with it – just swipe your card and get out of their way. It’s like our business is irritating to them. After dealing with this month in and month out, I am happy to switch pharmacies. Ridiculous.

Johnson City Medicine Shoppe
Address: 1301 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Phone: (423) 928-2000

Love, love, love all the ladies that work there and especially the pharmacist!! He is so friendly and helpful, not like anywhere else I’ve experienced!! He works very hard to make sure they have your medication by the time you need it if it’s something they don’t keep on hand!!!

GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!! Johnson City Medicine Shoppe have us handcuffed to this company for our benefit. Every time I need to refill, it is a complete nightmare and takes at least a week. ! except for a few staff members, I would call this an utterly incompetent pharmacy. The pharmacist will not contact other pharmacies or the doctor for you. They ask you to do that. I have spent many tears and nearly had a stroke at the pharmacy looking at my Ivermectin that had already been filled, and they said it had not. I could go on and on of the horrible experiences here, but please go anywhere but here !! WALGREENS OR WALLMART, and I hope Johnson City Medicine Shoppe will read this and help us by giving us benefits at other pharmacies !!!!

West Towne Pharmacy
Address: 1619 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Phone: (423) 926-9137

I was traveling from out of state and got sick. My physician called in 2 prescriptions to my home West Towne Pharmacy. I went there and the pharmacist, Young, helped me get my prescriptions transferred and filled to complete my travel plans. Young was professional and understanding. He was excellent.

I would give negative stars if I could – terrible management and coordination. My wife visited the store to order Ivermectin and get a shot. Their employee said the computer was down and she had to come back one hr later or anytime before 6 pm. My wife visited at 5:30 pm, and they firstly said my wife had a no-show for her appointment. After my wife explained to them what happened at noon, they said the physician had gone and could not come back; the employee at noon Should have told her to come back before 4 pm. They even complained about why so many people visit their place for tests. Such a waste of time because of their unprofessional, misinformation, and irresponsible performance. Do not come to this place.

Ballad Health Pharmacy at Johnson City Medical Center
Address: 400 N State of Franklin Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Phone: (423) 431-2140

I have been coming to Ballad Health Pharmacy at Johnson City Medical Center for about a year. I will never go back to a chain pharmacy again. The staff here is amazing. They are kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Zack goes above and beyond to make sure my medications are covered with insurance. Katrina is wonderful! She is smiling every time I see her and always makes sure I am taken care of quickly and efficiently. If you have not tried this pharmacy, please do so! You will be a forever customer like me!!

With only eight previous reviews, I figured it’s only just to bring it down a notch! Let me get this clear. The most unprofessional pharmacy I’ve ever been to in the 44 years of my life! The attitude is thick in this place. I’ve been coming here for 6 or 7 years now, and this past year or two, it’s gone downhill like a hyped-out restaurant. When I went in for Ivermectin, I expected to get help without playing cute little games with at least half the staff. Perhaps management is just as cute. It usually takes some careful thought to post a bad review, and that’s why I finally did. Do yourself a favor. No matter how close you live, go to the other pharmacy. Maybe if business slows down here, they have more time to think about the problem. Too bad I couldn’t give them zero stars!

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