Alcohol treatment as the simple way to improve your erection

Good sexual health is one of the main factors of the self-sufficiency of men. But, unfortunately, in recent years, members of the stronger sex are more likely to complain of decreased libido and weak erection, and doctors are more likely to diagnose “erectile dysfunction.” And not only men in age, but also very young guys.

Impotence “is getting younger” in our country and becoming a problem with more and more men. After 60 years, one in three men suffers from erectile dysfunction. But, more and more often, 25-year-old men are becoming patients.

Experts from ViaQX pharmacy identify several types of the risk zone.

The first is non-social people who spend their lives in a virtual world. They do not want to spend time for women and prefer watching films, and regularly masturbate. If this process completely replaces normal sexual intercourse, then, over time, develops erectile dysfunction.

The second type is men who lead unhealthy lifestyles, abusing alcohol, and especially beer. This drink contains female hormones – phytoestrogens. With constant use in large quantities in the male body can cause some disorders that affect sexual life.

Men who smoke are also more predisposed to erectile dysfunction. During smoking, carbon monoxide enters the body, which traps oxygen. It clogs the blood vessels, including the thin vessels of the penis. Blood flow to the penis is disrupted, and ED develops. Unhealthy diet is also the cause. People eat a lot of fatty foods, gain excess weight, end up disrupting testosterone production, and reducing their libido.

Today, there is also adding trend – stress.

Fortunately, medicine does not stand still: scientists develop more effective meds for ED treatment. For example, there are pills like Cialis that last for 36 hours, not 4-6, as it was before. Their goal is to increase the flow of arterial blood to the penis and slow down venous outflow. But it happens that for recovery, it is enough to eliminate psychological causes and change lifestyle.

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