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Author: Heather
BIO: Heather started working with CCS as an intern from Liberty University. After showing excellence in the workplace she was offered a full time position as an Admission Specialist with opportunity for advancement.

CCS offers a great educational opportunity with their internship program. Internships will allow you to gain school credit while obtaining hands on work place experience. CCS continuously encourage students to use this facility to excel in their current field of study.

As an intern, I received the hands on experience I needed to finish my education and move into the work force. CCS taught me a lot about myself and about the world of addiction. Throughout my internship I saw the heartache that comes from addiction but I also got to encouragement, hope, and support the CCS staff members presented the clients with. CCS showed me how important group therapy can be when treating addictions. I got to work hands on with clients who were struggling through their addictions and wanted guidance. CCS gives the client a place to belong; somewhere they can regain their hope. I saw many of the clients leave the facility with lifelong friendships; some with the people they shared a room with and some with the counselors who were there to pull them up from their darkest hours.

I was truly saddened by the end of my internship and wanted to be a part of this incredible, energized, and compassionate team for a long time to come; I accepted a job in the admissions department. Every day I know that we have the potential to impact the lives we cross greatly; CCS gives me the opportunity to be a part of a system that impacts thousands of lives. If I could only take one lesson away from my time with this facility, it would be hope. CCS is an example of incredible hope for those who seek it. It is freely given here and very much encouraged.

For more information on our Internship Program and what programs are available please contact our Clinical Supervisor. CCS also offers internships in Social Work, Addiction Counseling, Family Counseling, and Education.

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