Can You Get a Modafinil Prescription Online?

I really don’t make a lot of comments or do any kind of reviews. But I thought I might start. I would like to be upfront and honest. I have always ordered my medications, including Modafinil. But one day I visited it. So they got a new pharmacist, her name is Andy. Have you met someone that you felt so comfortable with the first time you met? Well, that is how Andy made me feel. She didn’t look at me as 99% of the people do because I have Cerebral Palsy. She looked and listened to every word I said. You just can tell when someone is not paying attention or just doesn’t care. But Andy really does care. She is a beautiful person from the inside out. And she is drop-dead gorgeous as well!!! The only thing I would say bad about this pharmacy is no drive-through.

Food City Pharmacy
Address: 2120 S Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Phone: (423) 979-0373

My pharmacist is the best! I have been coming to this Food City Pharmacy for years, and they never let me down. My pharmacist goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need when I need it. There are some new faces there since Kroger shut down. I have never had any issues. One young man that works the front is the sweetest ever. (I’m not good at names) the young pharmacist that has been there the longest is the best ever.

Saw a pharmacist for the first time. He was of Indian descent, and I explained to him that I called in a prescription for Modafinil the previous morning and I was there to pick it up. He claimed that there was nothing on record, and when I asked him if he could give me two pills to get me through the weekend, he replied that I had to call my doctor’s office. I explained to him that previous pharmacists would give me a pill or two when a snafu occurred. He was adamant that I was not going to receive any pills from him, even though I explained that I had been a customer for years. I never had any problems with any pharmacy employees before I met this guy. I don’t know where they found him, but he should be forced to take a class concerning “customer etiquette.”

Princeton Drug
Address: 1619 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Phone: (423) 218-4261

I’m very happy with all the staff. They are all so nice and kind. I appreciate all they do for me. I’ve enjoyed going into this Princeton Drug store everyone is AWESOME and has been since I started shopping and getting my medications from this store. Lindsay in pharmacy is GREAT, knows what she’s doing, and is VERY good at her job and the help she gives me but others also. Thank you all, Alicia Smith.

They fill your prescriptions fast, and if I call, refills in there ready in less than an hour, usually less than a half-hour. There very happy & wonderful to the customer, their customer service is wonderful. They sell many different things, wooden trucks, and trains, snow globe’s, women’s scarfs that are very beautiful! They have candy for sale and many, many, many other things, as well as things you would normally find in a pharmacy. I just really love Princeton Drug because it’s like a mom & pop store, and they usually know who you are! I actually found out today that they deliver, and they don’t charge you a delivery fee. The only thing you pay for is your prescriptions! That’s so wonderful and convenient!!!!! Especially for people who don’t drive!!!

Mooney’s Pharmacy
Address: 1107 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Phone: (423) 926-7333

I’ve had my prescriptions filled there for years. Today I had an RX for my mom. Modafinil – I was told to wait because they were checking to see if they had medicine available, all while gathered in a crowd all looking at me suspiciously. I left it alone try to ignore it, then called to the counter to ask questions about my mom and myself and, with wide eyes, said, – you’ll need your driver’s license as if to make sure it’s me. Ok, then the stares continued from behind the counter. After about 20 mins the pharmacist came out to say she could only give me a 7-day dose since it’s a narcotic. I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life, being treated like a dope addict. It kept me waiting deliberately. Never again will I request medicine from them. I wonder if all folks that are on narcotics because of their illness get treated that way.

This Mooney’s Pharmacy has no concerns about its customers. Excuse after excuse. I ordered by the case opened the case to my surprise wrong size. I called to inform them of their mistake. I live in Brooklyn. I was told they couldn’t get to me until Wednesday (REALLY). Wednesday, they say the driver didn’t come in. So now they say Thursday it would be delivered. I called Thursday spoke to the manager, who informed me that the driver was out in the field and my package would be delivered today. Thursday no delivery (SMDH). Friday morning spoke to someone. She claims the driver has been out since Wednesday, and the driver came in so that it will be delivered TODAY. I’ve never experienced this excuse after excuse. I give them a 0 can not believe they can do this to anyone. They close the Brooklyn store wrong store to close. The Queens store needs to be close. I’ve been stuck in the house all week due to their unprofessionalism. I can not go through this again. This is the second time they sent the wrong size. I am not going to give them a third time.

Address: 2811 W Market St Suite 5, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Phone: (423) 928-8004

Everyone employee that I’ve interacted with at this Val-U-Pharmacy has been nice and courteous. I have been here for over 9yrs. I go here for personal beauty products, kids’ stuff, seasonal gifts, medical items, and the pharmacy. This is my favorite drug store.

Nine times out of 10, the pharmacy staff have an attitude and are extremely rude. If your prescription expires, don’t expect them to call your doctors office for a new one. They won’t even bother to tell you about it. I was told by a pharmacy technician that they just wait for you to call them to figure out what’s going on, and then they’ll tell you to call your doctor so a new script can be sent to them. If you need to get prior authorization for medicine, don’t expect them to do anything about that either. They’ll just let the script sit there and wait for you to call in about it. Then it’s your job once again to call your doctor about it. I worked as a pharmacy technician, and it is part of the job to contact Doctors about prescriptions needing to be filled. It should NEVER be the patient’s responsibility. This place is awful. 08/14/19 – UPDATE: Received a refill on a prescription that had Modafinil with the wrong dosage mixed in. Thankfully I caught it before it could have done any damage. I strongly suggest taking your business elsewhere. 09/23/19 – UPDATE: Picked up my refill today, and an ENTIRE bottle had the wrong dosage of medication. The negligence of this Val-U-Pharmacy is unbelievable.

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