Adolescent Residential

CCS’s Adolescent Treatment Center

CCS’s Adolescent Treatment Facility (The Farm) is an eight (8) bed male facility that is CARF accredited and uses best practice guidelines with the most current treatment approaches available. This residential facility provides 24/7 supervision and treatment for adolescents with Alcohol, Drug and Co-occurring disorders.

CCS conducts assessments and coordinates with the adolescent’s home school ensuring students maintain their appropriate grade level. CCS works with the adolescent’s school counselor to enroll them into the school’s online program allowing them to continue their current courses. This helps to relieve stress in falling behind in their education and elevate any barriers for maintaining credits. School guidance counselors are contacted during discharge planning to provide assistance for an easier transition back into their home school system.

Family involvement is encouraged and required for students attending CCS’s School. Click here for a copy of CCS’s Family Involvement Policy. Click here for the Adolescent Handbook.

Admissions Packet.

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