Welcome to CCS!


“If I had never went to CCS when I did, I don’t know if I’d even be alive right now”

“CCS really made my life better, it helped me get myself back on track.”

“Dear CCS Staff,

I wanted to express my utmost appreciated and severe thanks for the life skills I was taught during my visit. I came into the program very bitter and angry, and thinking I was better than everyone else, but I left humbled and continue to live that way. Last Wednesday started my 12th consecutive week of sobriety and I am beginning to feel great physically, mentally, and now spiritually as well.

I decided to take a position locally as a senior engineer to be close to my family and home AA group. My life is going great and I’m truly addicted to life as well as sobriety. I look forward to receiving my 90 day chip shortly and to visiting CCS and sharing my story and helping others in need.

Thank you always.”


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